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Pantone 2015 Home + Interiors Palette: Spontaneity

We conclude the2015 Pantone Home + Interiors Palettes with Spontaneity.

Pantone Palette: Spontaneity

Irrepressible fun is what the Spontaneity palette delivers. Just as the name implies, it is the stuff that spur-of-the-moment, impulse buying is all about, with whimsical design and unique color mixtures a large part of the attraction. Happy hues of Sunkist coral, marigold and delicious cantaloupe are complemented by the exuberance of kelly green and floral accents of hyacinth, violet quartz, winsome orchid or misty jade. (excerpt from dexigner.com)


This Pantone palette includes:

PANTONE 14-3206 Winsome Orchid
PANTONE 17-1736 Sunkist Coral
PANTONE 13-6008 Misty Jade
PANTONE 15-1239 Cantaloupe
PANTONE 14-1050 Marigold
PANTONE 17-3619 Hyacinth
PANTONE 18-1720 Violet Quartz
PANTONE 16-6138 Kelly Green

Click Here to Find a fixture for this palette:

If you are drawn to the cool tones here…Versions of Nickel will enhance this palette.  Whether polished, brushed, hammered, or antiqued…the gray tone will accent these colors perfectly.

To play off of the Cantalope and Marigold tones, a warm, brushed brass or copper would be lovely and sophisticated.





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