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Blue & Gold- A Dynamic Design Duo


My eyes can’t stop looking at a certain color combination lately.  I’m sure you have seen it as well- Blue and Gold are being paired together again in a fresh new light.  Sure, we all remember these two being thrown around obnoxiously in the early nineties.  But, I am not referring to those hazy shades of navy and yellow-y polished brass lacquer.  This is a new take, a fresh breath, of deep ocean-like blues being combined with a rich golden luster.  I am more living-rooms_01than fixated.


Can you picture it?  A strong cobalt wall as a backdrop for a glistening gold chandelier in your dining room; a combination of printed pillows of blue and matte gold table lamps in your living space; or a deep royal blue bedroom  accented with gold hardware and accessories.  The results are noteworthy and fall nothing short of spectacular.  In the lighting world alone, we have been awaiting the general acceptance of this re-defined shade of gold in fixtures.  Apprehensive at first, I am falling further in love with the fresh trend, and am trying to find ways to incorporate it into my own bronze-filled home.   The finish transitions easily with other darker metals.  In fact, it has given them new life- a brighter pop of something special which is making me eager to find new ways to incorporate the finish throughout my space.

photoThumbIf you are in needing of a little Spring sprucing around your home, I encourage you to incorporate a splash of blue and a pinch of gold in your plan.  Dare to be bold with this dynamic duo, and prepare to be impressed.

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