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Ceiling Fans: A Crash Course in Selection

cf550dmbsLooking for a fan can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Let us make it a fun and pleasurable experience! We have experts ready to help you sift through the process. We only carry the best brands, following strict motor quality guidelines including Minka Aire, Emerson, Monte Carlo, Fanimation and Kichler. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a fan. Here’s some info to get you started…

Know Your Measurements

Measure your room…You can refer to the image below for appropriate blade spans and suggested room sizes.  Also, if your ceiling height is less than 8′ consider a hugger fan.  Fan blades need to be 7′ above the floor for obvious safety reasons.   A hugger fan will eliminate height by combining the down rod and canopy into one unit. Although the hugger is a great option for low ceilings, if you use a hugger on a higher ceiling you will loose efficiency as there is less space between the blade and ceiling.

Blade Pitch vs Number of Blades

You would think that five blades would move more air than three right? The reality is three blades could be more efficient than five if it has a good degree of pitch. Blades that have a pitch of 12° to 16° are ideal. But, blade pitch alone will not determine efficiency, you must also consider the quality of the motor as well.  Most fan companies will provide you with the air movement specifications.

Gotta Move That Air

CFM, or cubic feet per minute is the measurement of movement of air on highest speed on the fan. I recommend a number close to 5,000 CFM to adequately move air. Most fans are reversible. See picture below on how to switch for the seasons.

Style and Control

We offer a wide selection from contemporary to classic, country to cabin and everything in between. There are some nice decorative glass options from Kichler. Sometimes though, it is nice for the fan to blend in with its surroundings and not be a focal point, we have options there too. One of my favorite fans is from the Highpointe Collection from Emerson because it works great for a cabin-feel and also industrial enough to work in a modern loft space. Most fans may come with a remote control or you can order them separately.

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