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The Ceiling Fan Dilemma

4819It’s the classic debate- to ceiling fan or not to ceiling fan…that is the question.
Yes, the tell-old tale of two people who just cannot seem to decide on whether or not to install an air moving mechanism in the middle of their perfectly particular space- is still a common occurring debate today. When approached by customers struggling with this decision, I often wonder whether or not my job as a lighting consultant bleeds into the border lines of a counselor or mediator as I am challenged to find a perfect solution that suits both parties’ desires.  A strong and reliable motor, guaranteed to move enough air to benefit the size of the space and desire of one party, verses going sans fan- and instead, striving to discover the perfect stylish decorative ceiling fixture that compliments the other’s design vision for the space. Thankfully, today’s fan selections are vast and plentiful and can satisfy both of these needs.  Styles are limitless and there are finish and control options galore.  The days of the standard looking motor with medium oak, wing-tipped blades are long gone and have been replaced with sleek, trendy product design that instead of being an eye-sore, has allowed the ceiling fan to become a feature part of a room’s overall design.  2994

The results don’t lie.  Installing a ceiling fan in your home can help reduce energy costs by 40% in the warmer months, and will help circulate heat in the winter by pushing rising air downward.  Even more, it only costs about one penny per hour to run, making it more than 15 times more cost efficient than a standard room air conditioner, and more than 40 times more cost efficient than central air conditioning!


Control systems have become easier than ever before.  No more 3 wire installation needed.  Most fan controls are now wireless, giving the consumer more flexibility and allow for independent light and speed controls- many of which include a full-range dimmer as well as forward and reverse motor control.

1893If you have had aversions to considering installing a ceiling fan in the past, I encourage you to take another look.  I can promise you won’t be disappointed with the styles and selections now available.  Creative Lighting carries today’s most current trends, as well as some of the most energy efficient models on the market.

Visit us @ http://creative-lighting.com/fans to browse through our selection, or pop in to the showroom to view our display and speak with a consultant who can help pair you with the perfect fan for your space. With the muggy Minnesota summer weather rapidly approaching- now is a great time to get your ceiling fan on!


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