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Energy Efficient Lighting

Our annual January trip to Lightovation in Dallas, Texas did not disappoint this year.  With so much continual innovation in this industry, we are always eager to view what our vendors have in store for us.  Freshly back into the frozen north, we are still warm with excitement over all of the new lighting trends we witnessed this go-around.  Here are a few of our favorite “staff pick” lighting moments from last week’s trade show.


Yes, no surprise here.  All shades of GOLD were as far as the eye could see.  Whether it was brushed, painted, distressed or used in a multi-finish combination, this favored metal hue was still standing strong.  The Zuma pendant, from Fredrick Ramond was one our team’s favorites this year.  Delicately detailed gold chains gracefully suspend under a bold and black geometric frame creating a stunning, sculptural fixture.  The strong gold and black color combination reeked of sophistication and modern style.  Another favorite find was within a familiar face–Crystorama’s Broche family had several new pieces to excite over.  Their new wall sconce and bath vanity light additions were simply A D O R A B L E, and will be the perfect compliment to such a popular product line.


There was a thread of masculinity throughout this market release that we became particularly fond of.  Several manufacturers introduced designs that exhibited angled style-lines and armored silhouettes.   The Boulder family, from Maxim Lighting, intrigued us with it’s faceted spheres of faux alabaster, cradled with bold bronze and gold geometric framework.  Integrated with LED technology, these “boulders” were all aglow.  Another favorite from Maxim Lighting was the LED linear pendant from their Silhouette Collection.  The fixtures are simple and strong with their boxy black frames, but those illuminated faceted crystals take this series on an elegant journey that was refreshing to see.  Kuzco received one of our more masculine staff picks, as well, with their new Deco Pendant.  We liked the two different finish options available with this one: Vintage Brass w/ Clear Glass and Brushed Nickel w/ Smoked Glass.  It was a fresh and angled perspective that gave this pendant a modern edge.

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Incandescent?  Halogen?  LED?   

Determining the right type of light bulb for your lighting needs can be utterly confusing.  With so many different types of lighting available to us today, how does one weed through the options?  On top of the large variety of choices, this industry keeps evolving and the lighting technology continues to improve.  Many of last year’s advancements are already old news and there’s a new version on the market.  It takes a lot of effort to keep up with this light bulb evolution!  We are here to help eliminate the confusion and get your illumination game on point.  Here’s a quick breakdown to get you started:

INCANDESCENT:  If you are a lover of the classics, the incandescent bulb may be your match.  Standard incandescent lighting is warm in color, easily dimmed, and looks great in almost any environment.  If you tend to lean towards warmer paint hues and finish materials, and prefer a softer lighting effect- incandescent lighting may be your favorite pick.  The struggle?   Higher wattage, traditional incandescent bulbs have been phased out due to energy regulations.  So- you won’t find your 100 watt or 75 watt standard version on the shelves any longer.  Some retailers (including us) still have a supply of 60 watt (or lower) incandescent bulbs on their shelves.  The phase out of this old technology will eventually come to a close, however.  Then what?  That brings us to our next bulb…

ECO-HALOGEN:  Do you enjoy the ease and flexibility of incandescent lighting, but need something a little stronger for high task areas?  Meet the new incandescent: Eco Halogen.  Eco-halogen is a newly designed version of the standard incandescent bulb.  In fact, some of you may have purchased this bulb version without even realizing it differed from the original, since the phase out of the standard incandescent bulb began.  The Eco Halogen bulb has the same silhouette of a standard A-19 light bulb, but instead of a filament inside, it houses an envelope of halogen or xenon gas within the bulb structure.  This Eco-friendly adaptation makes this bulb type 30% more efficient and longer lasting than it’s predecessor.  It also has a slightly higher Kelvin rating than the old incandescent version- which can make this bulb appear brighter and whiter to our naked eye.

LED:  It’s no secret- LED seems to be where the entire lighting industry is headed.  The most energy efficient of all light sources, LED technology has definitely changed the illumination game. No filaments or gas filled envelopes here- the energy emitting diodes that comprise an LED light bulb are teeny tiny microchips, in which an electrical current passes through to illuminate the source.  The result=visible light!  There is much confusion with this new technology, however.  The conversion LED light bulbs that are widely available now have a broad range of Lumen Outputs, CRI Ratings, and Kelvin Temperatures within them.  It can be an uncomfortable amount of information to try and weed through on your own.  The plus side: you can have an LED bulb in almost any color of light you wish.  But, which color temperature will best fit your space and illumination needs?  This is where our custom bulb labs can be of great assistance.  Tara talks more about this in the short video below-

The custom bulb labs in our showroom are an incredibly useful tool. These beautiful, built-in wooden displays consist of several compartments which showcase the different color temperatures (degrees kelvin) of light, and also allow room to place paint swatches, or counter-top and finish samples within them.  So, if you’re interested in using LED, but unsure as to which bulb offering best suits you, our trained lighting consultants can easily examine the different options with you, in a side by side comparison, to help determine what color temperature and overall lighting product will work the best in your environment.  These custom units are also equipped with multiple screw in socket bases and bulb options to experiment with, for an overall interactive customer experience.

The Creative Lighting team is here to ensure that you get the right type of lighting for your space.  Head into the showroom today and let us help you best illuminate your life.  #lightmatters



THE WAIT IS OVER- our brand new ELEMENT- Reflections line is up and on display!


There’s a new kid on the block.  We have been patiently awaiting the arrival and installation of the beautiful new ELEMENT product line from Tech Lighting, and we are thrilled that we can finally share it with all of you.  Why the hype?  These award winning, patent-pending recessed lighting fixtures feature hidden rings of LED light reflectors within their structures, producing glare-free illumination while highlighting beautiful detailing of intricately designed interior surfaces.  This fusion of interior design and LED technology has redefined the use of recessed lighting at a fundamental level, and breathed new life into the recessed lighting market.  Better yet, these fixtures are fully dimmable- providing perfectly controlled, indirect illumination suitable for any residential or commercial application.  This recessed lighting makeover has created quite the industry buzz, and we are happy to be on board!

The ELEMENT Reflections units come in three different sizes: 5″, 8″ and 12″ diameters, as well as five different design styles: Torus, Bloom, Dune, Fleur, and Skye.  There are also two different ceiling appearance options: FLANGED, for a more traditional appearance, and FLANGELESS, for a more contemporary and seamless finish.  Check out the video below for an up close and personal look.

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