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Updating your lighting doesn’t have to be intimidating.  There are many easy and efficient ways to create big lighting impact in your home.  Let us walk you through the six main areas to focus your lighting efforts on, and the best approach for each space in order to reap great reward with illumination!



First things first, the foyer.  Your main entrance, whether big or small, is the initial impression of your overall style.  We all know the saying, “you only get one shot at a first impression”.  This is exactly why updating your foyer fixture is number one on our list.  This can be as simple as a new semi-flush ceiling fixture if you’re dealing with an 8′-10′ ceiling height, or a brand new chandelier for those 11′-20+’ applications.  If ceiling fixtures aren’t your jam, some welcoming wall sconces flanking the interior door or adjacent wall can also create big impact.  Whatever the fixture type- the foyer should set the tone for the entire home and provide a strong visual impact upon first glance into the space.



The kitchen, often referred to as the heart of the home, is next up on our list.  We tend to all congregate in this wonderful place, regardless of its size.  We cook, we eat, we talk, we laugh, and we may even cry in this square footage of central command.  With so much activity happening in the kitchen, it’s important that we LOVE its aesthetic.  Along with great visual appeal, lighting in your kitchen also needs to be highly functional, and able to provide a properly illuminated working environment.  The trick to achieving this is all in the layering.  Emphasized more here than in other areas of the home, layering the lighting sources in your kitchen space is imperative. There are three main types of lighting we focus on here:

  • Ambient- The first, and probably most important, layer.  This refers to the main overhead lighting source(s) that provide you with the largest amount of lumen spread, or “lighting coverage”. Recessed lighting is commonly used in the kitchen for general or ambient lighting. Other central overhead lighting sources that would fit in this category would be large flush or semi-flush mount fixtures.
  • Task- Task lighting is any lighting source that is placed in particular areas of a room for specific “tasks”.  Under-cabinet lighting, for example, is a common type of task lighting found in a kitchen space.  When used in conjunction with good ambient lighting, task lighting is a very important layer to achieve proper illumination in a kitchen.  The addition of this layer creates a more uniformly lit working environment that is both flexible and efficient for the user.
  • Decorative- The label pretty much says it all.  Decorative lighting sources create visual interest within a space, as well as provide any additional lumen coverage for a seating or gathering area of the kitchen: island, dining table, breakfast nook, etc.  These fixtures create a layer of visual intrigue within the space and contribute to the overall design of the room. Decorative fixtures can come in the form of hanging pendants, chandeliers, or even wall sconces.


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It has arrived…

The Creative Lighting


is going on NOW!


Our entire showroom is on sale, which means it is the perfect time to spruce up for Spring and get a head start on your home improvement projects. With plenty of new styles and exciting trends to choose from, we can assure you that you will be bouncing into this new season with style.  Hurry in for best selection!


With so many lighting fixtures at our fingertips, selecting the exact-right piece for your mid-century styled home can be a difficult task.  We have put together a few of our favorite picks to help get you inspired and steer you in the right direction.  Take a peek at our

Top 6 must have looks for

Mid-Century Modern Perfection.


FAVORITE WALL SCONCE: The Barron, by Hudson Valley Lighting

The layered architectural shape of this two-light structure, finished in nostalgic aged brass and black metal, sends us back in time.  Adding this beauty to your walls will guarantee a modern transformation and eye candy of epic proportions.



FAVORITE DRUM PENDANT: The Hampton, by Hinkley Lighting

Clean, modern and mostly transitional- this white linen simple structure has become a crowd favorite among more than just the mid-century mod seekers.  The strong frame and linear shaping of this beautiful drum, available in 3 different metal finishes, would grace any table proudly and be the perfect compliment to your modern decor.




What is a mid-century styled home without a little starburst?  Just like the name suggests, this fun and funky sputnik-styled beauty creates a statement wherever it shines.  Place it in a foyer, living room, or over your dining area to intrigue all who come across it’s show-stopping style.



FAVORITE BATH VANITY FIXTURE: Jasper, by Kichler Lighting

Sleek and sophisticated, this bathroom vanity series has mid-century mod written all over it!  A streamlined body combined with retro and rounded glass globes makes for a winning modern fixture for any bathroom.



FAVORITE FLUSH MOUNT: The Anemone, by Robert Abbey

This iconic fixture, designed by Jonathan Adler, has become a showroom favorite when selecting for the modern home.  The artistic and playful structure of this appropriately named piece will not only serve as a point of conversation, but will provide a beautiful shadowed cast upon your ceiling to create an ever-so-special glow within your space.




Available in three different metal finishes, the Meurice chandelier is a guaranteed stunner for your home!  Equipped with 42 individual sockets, this fixture choice will illuminate even the darkest of dining areas and help to create the ultimate environment to serve your family and guests.


Photo Credit: Hinkley Lighting, Kichler Lighting, Arteriors Home, Hudson Valley Lighting, Robert Abbey, Inc., Pinterest.