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The leaves have started to fall and Halloween is just around the corner, which means one thing in the lighting world…DARKNESS.  In the excitement this crisp seasonal change brings, it also carries a yearn for more light.  The evenings start a little earlier now, lingering into darker morning rises, often reminding us of our areas of shadow in the home- making it harder to curl up with that book, or finish that work deadline on our computers, or even read the paper before the rest of our house has awoken.  More light is imperative this time of year and we are here to help!  Here’s our quick guide on how to best brighten up your space this season with portable lamps.


Use a mix of table and floor lighting!  Floor and table lamps go together like peanut butter and jelly.  We don’t often recommend one without the other.  They provide different layers of illumination and fulfill different needs, but will work harmoniously together to better light your space.  Don’t be intimidated- that large floor lamp will not only add visual interest and definition to your room, but will provide a higher level of lumen output and add an additional layer of ambient lighting that we desperately require this time of year.  These don’t have to “match”, and in fact, we’d prefer they didn’t!  A trendy and structural tripod floor lamp, can pair beautifully with a metal or ceramic table lamp.  A third, and more task-style desk lamp may also be added in a nearby reading area. One suggestion- keep your fabric shade styles similar in shape and color. This will help ease the merge of different pieces into your room for a more seamless and cohesive look.


Consider exactly where your lighting needs are within your room, and what type of lighting will provide the best solution.  Are you desperately in need of better reading or task lighting?  Where is it that you read the most?  Having a small task lamp near the end of the sofa, or beside your favorite chair is a good place to start.  Which portion of your space seems the darkest overall?  Placing a tall floor lamp near the edge of this area will completely transform the room.  One trick?  Use your wall space.  The more surface area the light source has to reflect off of, the farther your light will travel.  That forgotten corner area is often a missed luminary opportunity!

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The all and mighty portable lamp.  Many may have forgotten it’s duty and pledged illuminating purpose, but not those lighting buffs who truly grasp the importance that great portable lighting serves. No…not us.  We are here to enlighten you (pun intended) on why you shall never forget the addition of portable pieces in your home.  Here are six great examples of how the right lamp can enhance your current illumination situation!



A fresh take on an old favorite, floor lamps can definitely add some style and scale to your room.  This Adrian lamp from Uttermost is constructed of solid cast steel, and finished in a beautiful aged gunmetal.  Boasting 150 watts of light through it’s wide, white linen shade makes it a perfect addition to brighten up that gloomy living space.  Pro Tip:  Place this near or behind a sofa or chair in the corner of your room.  The added wall surface will act as a reflective launching pad, providing more lumen spread throughout your interior space.



A great bedside table lamp should be as beautiful to look at as it is functional.  The Castilla gold leaf lamp from Dimond Lighting is perfectly sized for a small nightstand area and is equipped with a 100 watt medium-based bulb, so you will have plenty of light for that late night read.  It’s pretty proportion is adorned with a soft gold finish and clear glass body, making it a stylish and transitional choice- perfect for most any decor.



Sometimes your space just needs a little something special, a statement piece that really highlights your style.  The Hubbardton Forge Encounter lamp is just that- an artful accent that just happens to be illuminated with LED technology!  This organic sculpture is innovative, artisanal and an amazing example of how impressionable the right lighting can be.

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It’s no secret, great lighting has taken a position of priority in home design and decor in recent years. The right lighting can make or break your space visually, which is why we continually strive to provide our customers with the latest in trending looks that cross a wide variety of price points.  We are passionate about our customers having great lighting options- no matter what their budget may be-  which is why today we want to show you how great illumination and style can be achieved in all price categories.  We have broken down a few of our favorite lighting trends in a side by side comparison of LUX vs. LESS.



The glass beaded trend has exploded in the lighting world!  Encompassing a jewelry-like feel, the beaded detailing adds a touch of glamour and sparkle to interior spaces that lends itself to be desired in more delicate areas, such as the Master Bath or Powder Room.  Our luxury fixture, from the Chanteuse Collection from Currey and Company, boasts artful hand-finishing techniques creating a beautiful silver granello finish, while supporting graceful strands of frosted crystal beading, and has a price tag of $4,240.00.  It is an artful combination of sophistication and modern design.  In comparison, our look for less is the Rylee Chandelier from Crystorama.  Executing the same classic empire shape, this slightly simpler version embodies a more vintage feel with its clear-cut crystal beading and antique gold painted metalwork- competitively priced at $700.00!   Both product designs are excellently executed and keep current with today’s contemporary-leaning design trends, while adding that special amount of sparkle to any interior.




The Orb has upped its game.  This popular lighting structure is being observed in all different metal finishes and materials, covering every style genre from modern to traditional and everything in between.  Nature rules here, however, with two artistic versions of this sought-after trend that are sure to shine center stage when suspended in any environment.  Our luxury Driftwood Chandelier from Currey and Company showcases the humble virtue of nature with its meticulously constructed and hand-wired bodice supporting real pieces of natural driftwood.  Just as in nature, no two fixtures will be exactly alike.  This beautiful hand-made piece of electrified art is priced at $1,140.00.  Our competitive contender, the 6-light Lowell Pendant from Capital Lighting, is a natural beauty all her own.  A slightly more transitional approach, the natural wooden beads combined with a soft tuscan bronze metal finish creates a beautiful blend of visual texture and a modern orb shape, sure to add unique style to transitional spaces.  Pricing in at $898.00, it’s a lighting win.


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