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The struggle for an ideal lighting situation is real.  Many of us are constantly trying to find the right amount of illumination for our space, and frustrated when we fall short of success.  A common mistake not always addressed is that we typically will not achieve an ideal amount of necessary lighting if relying on one source of illumination alone.  This will require using layers of lighting, which can be achieved when properly combining three main categories of light: Ambient, Accent and Task.

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The recessed lighting world is changing- in a big way.  Tech Lighting has paved a new path through uncharted territory with their recent release of an architectural line of LED recessed lighting that is nothing short of breathtaking- and is soon to make a grand entrance on the Creative Lighting showroom floor!  The new ELEMENT-Reflections product line has us “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over the spectacular embossed detailed domes of light. The new designs feature a hidden ring of LED light reflectors within the recessed structure, producing glare-free illumination while highlighting beautiful detailing of an intricately designed interior.  This fusion of interior design and LED technology has redefined the use of recessed lighting at a fundamental level, and breathed new life into the recessed lighting market.

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It’s no secret, LED is changing the ways of illumination.  The technology is advancing, prices are dropping, and lighting manufacturers have been embracing this wave of change with integration of the new lamping systems directly into their product designs, in lieu of the old “socket and bulb” assembly.  There is much to be excited about with this LED advancement- but we have a few of our favorite new examples of the integration currently hanging on the showroom floor.

LBL LIGHTING- East River Linear Pendant

An architectural dream, this beautiful bridge-like structure by LBL Lighting serves as a piece of hanging modern art.  The bold, angular framework supports both indirect up-light AND direct task down-light lamping systems- which equal a total of 29 watts of LED illumination.  

ELAN- Annette Crystal Pendant

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