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It was our biggest and best Ugly Light Fixture Contest yet, and after hours of deliberation, the Creative Lighting Team has chosen a winner…

Congratulations to Laurie Plattes of Laurie Plattes Interior Design for her winning submission!

Laurie’s entry was a stand-out for several reasons.  The “ugly light” fixture submitted was actually the entire ceiling of an out-dated kitchen!   This ancient, back-lit lighting system created a dim and dreary environment for such a high task and heavily trafficked area in the home.  The transformation Laurie executed on the space with a new ceiling and new recessed lighting is bright, beautiful and much more efficient.  What a complete transformation!

We had several note-worthy entries this year that deserve recognition, however.  Take a peek at some of the other top contest-contenders, and our expert recommendations on how to update the looks with today’s top lighting trends.

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Excellence in Illumination is who we are, and we are proud of it.  Our personalized service is the key to helping our customers achieve the lighting design of their dreams, and our proven process has made us stand out in the lighting industry for more than 90 YEARS.  The Creative Lighting Team embraces these core values: Earn Trust, Provide Solutions, Evolve and Collaborate.  By embracing these, our team provides value to every aspect of our partnership with you and maximizes our responsiveness to you and your clients.


  • LISTEN- we listen to both you and your clients’ wants to ensure your lighting needs are satisfied.
  • GUIDE- we guide you to appropriate lighting choices and the most innovative lighting selections.
  • PROVIDE- we provide you with quality service, expertise, products and solutions every step of the way.


  • PROFESSIONAL TRADE SALES- Our trade team experts work hard to establish the perfect partnership filled with solutions, opportunities and superior service.  We will ensure that your projects are on budget, on time, and that you are receiving the best product for your applications with the latest lighting technologies available.
  • PROFESSIONAL TRADE SERVICES- This detail-oriented group of individuals is dedicated to processing and managing your orders to reduce errors, minimize back-orders, and help to ensure overall customer satisfaction by providing quick response and resolution on any lighting issues that may arise.
  • SHOWROOM SALES- Our continually trained, full-time lighting experts are ready to collaborate with you and your customers to provide the perfect lighting solutions for any budget or style.  Our full service experience includes lay-out consultation and advice, full specifications of product selections, and knowledge on the latest in lighting technology and products available today.


Excellence in illuminating design, products and service are the keys to collaborating with homeowners to fulfill their dream.  We are determined to give you the best lighting experience possible, and we take pride in our great reputation in this industry.  Competitive pricing and exceptional customer service add to the overall value Creative Lighting works to provide our customers with every day. We have been illuminating life for over 90 years- come create with us  and let us show you excellence in illumination!



Updating your lighting doesn’t have to be intimidating.  There are many easy and efficient ways to create big lighting impact in your home.  Let us walk you through the six main areas to focus your lighting efforts on, and the best approach for each space in order to reap great reward with illumination!



First things first, the foyer.  Your main entrance, whether big or small, is the initial impression of your overall style.  We all know the saying, “you only get one shot at a first impression”.  This is exactly why updating your foyer fixture is number one on our list.  This can be as simple as a new semi-flush ceiling fixture if you’re dealing with an 8′-10′ ceiling height, or a brand new chandelier for those 11′-20+’ applications.  If ceiling fixtures aren’t your jam, some welcoming wall sconces flanking the interior door or adjacent wall can also create big impact.  Whatever the fixture type- the foyer should set the tone for the entire home and provide a strong visual impact upon first glance into the space.



The kitchen, often referred to as the heart of the home, is next up on our list.  We tend to all congregate in this wonderful place, regardless of it’s size.  We cook, we eat, we talk, we laugh, and we may even cry in this square footage of central command.  With so much activity happening in the kitchen, it’s important that we LOVE it’s aesthetic.  Along with great visual appeal, lighting in your kitchen also needs to be highly functional, and able to provide a properly illuminated working environment.  The trick to achieving this is all in the layering.  Emphasized more here than in other areas of the home, layering the lighting sources in your kitchen space is imperative. There are three main types of lighting we focus on here:

  • Ambient- The first, and probably most important, layer.  This refers to the main overhead lighting source(s) that provide you with the largest amount of lumen spread, or “lighting coverage”. Recessed lighting is commonly used in the kitchen for general or ambient lighting. Other central overhead lighting sources that would fit in this category would be large flush or semi-flush mount fixtures.
  • Task- Task lighting is any lighting source that is placed in particular areas of a room for specific “tasks”.  Under-cabinet lighting, for example, is a common type of task lighting found in a kitchen space.  When used in conjunction with good ambient lighting, task lighting is a very important layer to achieve proper illumination in a kitchen.  The addition of this layer creates a more uniformly lit working environment that is both flexible and efficient for the user.
  • Decorative- The label pretty much says it all.  Decorative lighting sources create visual interest within a space, as well as provide any additional lumen coverage for a seating or gathering area of the kitchen: island, dining table, breakfast nook, etc.  These fixtures create a layer of visual intrigue within the space and contribute to the overall design of the room. Decorative fixtures can come in the form of hanging pendants, chandeliers, or even wall sconces.


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